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There is a flipside. On the one hand, it is claimed the agencies do not deal robustly enough with the companies who pay them. On the other, it is said they are too aggressive with the companies who don’t. In 1998, Moody’s wrote to a German insurance giant called Hannover Re, according to research by the Washington Post’s Alec Klein. Though Hannover was not a client of Moody’s, the agency said that it had nevertheless decided to rate them free of charge. Ominously, the agency hoped that in the future Hannover would be interested in paying for the service itself. “We need to act,” said Hannover’s chairman, Wilhelm Zeller.

Tottenham would have bitten anybody’s hand off back in August for the chance to qualify from a difficult group with a game to spare. Yet, if there has been the feeling of them punching above their weight in Europe’s elite competition, this was the opportunity for them to add the gloss finish. Redknapp might have shuffled his pack slightly with an eye on Chelsea’s visit but make no mistake, he was desperate for the result to ensure top spot and seeded status for the last 16 draw.

Since Maria, Puerto Rico has struggled with political turbulence leading to the recent departure of the governor, Ricardo Rosselló. Earlier this month, the territory’s supreme court overturned the swearing-in of Rosselló’s successor, Pedro Pierluisi, and the former justice secretary, Wanda Vázquez, became governor.

Trump declared an emergency on Tuesday night and ordered federal assistance for local authorities in Puerto Rico. But in a tweet Wednesday morning, Trump, a climate crisis denier, seemed to complain about Puerto Rico’s exposure to storms, and escalated a long-running feud with Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital.

Cruz was referring to the death toll from Hurricane Maria, nuevo teclado tfue which hit Puerto Rico in September 2017. An official report criticized the Trump administration’s slow response to the devastation from the storm, which destroyed the island’s power grid and decimated its agriculture and tourism industries.

The impressive Brama almost exacted the revenge that Twente were seeking for their 4-1 defeat at White Hart Lane when his shot was beaten away by the diving Gomes. At the other end, Boschker reacted sharply to keep out a deflection off Douglas. It was breathless to the end. For Tottenham, though, the excitement levels are set to be cranked up further.

David Kennedy of suburban Barberton and Joseph Griffin Jr. of Akron, who were waiting for relatives to be released, said they wished there were more programs to help ex-inmates and more businesses willing to hire them.

Donald Trump began the day by insulting and taunting Puerto Rico and its residents, who are US citizens, on Twitter. “Puerto Rico is one of the most corrupt places on earth,” the president wrote in part. “Their political system is broken and their politicians are either Incompetent or Corrupt. And by the way, I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to Puerto Rico!”

Cuts in state funding for local municipalities have squeezed the sheriff’s budget, along with voters’ November rejection of a county sales-tax increase that would have generated about $20m a year for 10 years. The sheriff said Sunday he didn’t know what the solution was.

Florida officials said Wednesday that they are preparing for the hurricane to make landfall somewhere along the state’s eastern shore. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, declared a state of emergency and urged residents to take precautions in anticipation of a possible Labor Day strike.

As you may have deduced, I am on the phone to Moody’s Investors Service. Along with Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s (S&P), Moody’s are one of the Big Three credit ratings agencies. They sound like a trio of preppy clothing companies, but in fact they are some of the most powerful players in world finance. Specifically, they rate the “creditworthiness” of companies and currencies. In the process, it is hoped that they give investors an idea which investments are safest to make.

“Thank you for calling Moody’s,” says the automated voice. “Your call may be recorded for quality purposes. If you would like a rating, press one.” I press one. There is a brief musical interlude. “Hello, Moody’s,” says another voice, eventually. “What rating would you like?”

Puerto Rico, which had braced for the worst, seemed to be spared any heavy wind and rain, a huge relief to many on an island where blue tarps still cover some 30,000 homes nearly two years after Hurricane Maria. The island’s 3.2 million inhabitants also depend on an unstable power grid that remains prone to outages since it was destroyed by Maria.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LA sheriff’s deputies stand guard as activists and relatives of Andres Guardado hold a rally near the Compton station. Photograph: David McNew/AFP/Getty ImagesThe historic toxic culture is exemplified in reports of secret societies that operated like criminal gangs and were known for extremely aggressive tactics within LASD’s ranks. In the 1990s, one sheriff’s station in a Black part of South LA was home to officers with matching neo-Nazi gang tattoos.

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